At CenterFit we take a balanced approach to fitness training with value-packed 45 minute classes in several formats.   It is our mission to deliver balanced, well-rouneded classes that enable our clients to develop strong, healthy bodies equipped to enjoy the adventure of life.

We can help you look great in that swimsuit, but more importantly we endeavor to help you feel strong and energized, and to optimize the multitude of health benefits that come with a well designed fitness program.

Our class offerings include:

  • Interval Style Cross Training:  An integrated training approach that includes elements of resistance training, core, balance, power, cardio respiratory fitness and flexibility.   Workouts are performed in an interval-style format with short periods of intense work followed by shorter periods of rest.  Modifications and progressions are taught to provide the appropriate level of challenge for individual clients.
  • Pilates:  An exercise system focused on improving strength, flexibility and body awareness.  In our mat classes you will perform a series of controlled movements on the floor with and without small props such as bands, balls and rollers.  Pilates is a resistance exercise, not aerobic and focuses on core strength and spinal alignment.
  • CenterFit Lite: A starting point for individuals who wish to transition from a sedentary to a more physically active style of living.  This class teaches gentle flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, agility and resistance training.  Exercises are modified and progressed to accommodate different levels of ability.
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